Invisible Hydrocolloid Acne Patch

These undetectable, fast-acting acne patches actively absorb your developing or visible pimples making them visibly smaller in less than one day. Comes with 72 ultra-sheer patches per box.

  • 2 patch sizes for the perfect fit on any pimple
  • Hides invisibly under your makeup
  • Prevents picking and speeds up skin renewal
  • Satisfying pimple goo is easily extracted
  • Clinically proven, fast-acting, acne spot treatment
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  • Free Shipping over $35
  • Try Risk free for 60 days
  • Dry skin
  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combo skin
  • Acne
  • Blackheads
  • Visible Blemishes

Select your chose patch shape and apply to cleansed skin. Do not apply other steps in your routine before adhering the patch; it should be applied to cleansed skin only. After 6+ hours, remove by gently peeling it back and tossing it in the trash. Cleanse the area and apply additional patch if desired or follow with routine as normal.

  • 48 whitehead size patches
  • 24 pimple size patches

Hydrocolloid, Salicylic Acid

"I use patches all the time, but these ones work better than the others I tried. They're discreet and keep me from touching active breakouts." – Jodi C.

Same Proven Results, Less Awkward Looks


of users saw impurities and goo extracted within 6 hours of wear


of users noticed reduced redness and irritation after use


of users said the patches hid well under makeup


of users reported patches were totally invisible on skin

*Results based on a self-assessment consumer study after single day of product use.

Simple & Effective Ingredients For Fast, Visible Pimple Reduction


Our dual-action Hydrocolloid is made from long-chain polysaccharides. It works to quickly absorb oil and fluid, while containing moisture.

Salicylic Acid

Absorbs deep into your pores to clear dirt and debris, decongesting your skin. It helps to ensure your pores are keep clean, free of excess oil and dead skin, while reducing redness.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Invisible Acne Patches are designed for pesky surface pimples. They are ULTRA-sheer and invisible, but are very efficient in extracting blemishes to help improve your skin's overall appearance. It comes in two different sizes to cover every pimple you might have and blends perfectly under makeup so you can keep your flare-ups undercover at work or upcoming functions.

A: The difference is when they are to be used. Typically hydrocolloid patches can only be used on visible pimples or acne that has a clear whitehead. Where the Microdarts are designed for us on early stage zits and blind pimples that have yet to form. We recommend keeping both in your arsenal so you are always prepared.

A: Yes! Our Invisible Acne Patches have you covered ! It can withstand some moisture without compromising its ability to fight pimples. However, we do not recommend swimming or excessive water exposure which might make it less sticky and effective at keeping your skin flawless.

#GlassSkin Science™

Our products use clinically proven plant actives to repair your skin's barrier, without irritation. Reveal your best skin ever with confidence, knowing it's safe and effective. This is more than a quick-fix, it's a better path to healthy skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I absolutely love this brand! I can apply makeup over the patches seamlessly, they're practically invisible on my skin. They're super effective; I only get occasional breakouts during my period, and they vanish overnight with these patches.

Amelia T.

These patches are magic! They start working within hours and are super affordable. Highly recommend!


Sticks on great. Works very well. Has skin like material which makes it very unnoticeable. Love the size as well

James C.

These patches are a game-changer! I apply them at night, and by morning, my blemishes are gone. They're gentle on sensitive skin and stay put all night. Highly recommended!

Puja N.

I'm blown away by how effective these are! I saw noticeable results after just one use, and they're practically invisible on the skin. Highly recommend!