How It Started vs How It’s Going: The Clearly Story

Did you know Clearly Basics used to have a different name?

When we started four years ago in sunny Singapore, we were called ClearlyRx.

As the name hints, we began as a teledermatology platform offering subscribers custom-mixed formulations prescribed by dermatologists.

You see, visiting a derm in Singapore can be real expensive, and yet, acne is so common among teens and adults. ClearlyRx became a way for those with skin concerns to consult a dermatologist without the hefty price tag.

Soon, we were seeing real change in our community. Those with acne-prone skin no longer felt lost and alone. We became someone they could reach out to with real solutions and calm advice.

By clearing up the mystery behind acne and what causes it, more people were able to take back control of their own skin. And our formulations became part of their solutions toolkit!

Along the way, we saw our customers gain more confidence. They started seeing themselves for who they are, beyond the surface and beyond the breakouts.

Acne stopped being something scary or shameful.

Users saw results and we saw the impact that our formulations made to their lives

We then thought, “Hey, everyoneall around the world, has it within them to feel this freedom too. We realized that we could help spread this, in our own small way.  

Through years of working with dermatologists and pharmacists, we evolved our most successful formulations from ClearlyRx to create Clearly Basics, a skincare line designed for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

This way, we could connect with more of you and share everything we know about overcoming acne. Skincare nerds unite!

We spread our wings beyond Singapore in April, 2019 and since then, we’ve reached customers in over 26 countries.

Wherever you are reading this from right now, thank you for being on this journey with us!

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