How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Learn the most effective way to fade hyperpigmentation and promote healthy skin.

If you’ve gotten past a bout of acne, you may feel that the battle is won. However, pimples often leave unsightly red scars that linger long after the pimple has subsided.

Our experts weigh in on how to get rid of this hyperpigmentation as quickly – and safely – as possible.

What Causes Red Hyperpigmentation?

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Inflammation occurs when the body increases blood flow to the tissue surrounding a clogged pore. It is the body’s natural response in fighting off bacterial infection.

As more blood is sent to the area, blood vessels dilate and the area becomes visibly red.

It normally takes 8 to 12 weeks for blood vessels to shrink back to its original size.

So How Do I Shrink Blood Vessels & Fade Red Acne Scars?

Most acne scar products target the melanin in brown acne marks. Such products do not work on red scars and blood vessels.

Weeding out products that target the wrong type of scar as well as ineffective products, we are only left with a couple topical products that are designed to fade the appearance of red acne marks: Clearly Basics’ Lighten Up and iS Clincal’s Pro-Heal Serum Advance+.

Both work by reducing the appearance of dilated blood vessels but they use different ingredients to do so:

Clearly Basics is a pharma-grade skincare line designed for acne prone skin and each of the items in their lineup have a specific function.

The Lighten Up uses marigold flower, chamomile flower and tea tree oil to reduce the appearance of dilated blood vessels. It is a leave-in lotion that you use as a spot treatment.

Apply the Lighten Up both morning and evening and you should see noticeable results within a month. The lotion does not clog pores and does not irritate sensitive skin.

iS Clinical is a skincare line that brings medical quality ingredients to the masses. The Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ is a light serum that uses zinc sulfate in order to reduce inflammation and arbutin to lighten the skin.

Apply the serum both morning and evening as a spot treatment and you should see noticeable results within a month. The serum does not clog pores. However, ascorbic acid in the serum may be irritating for those with sensitive skin.

Fading Stubborn Dark Spots and Brown Hyperpigmentation

When red scars are exposed to UV, they quickly collect melanin and turn into brown marks that can last up to two years.

Melanin is located in the deeper dermis layer of the skin so brown post-acne marks are more stubborn than red acne marks.

The Dark Mark Defense (DMD) was designed to target brown acne marks using potent anti-pigmenting agents. In an independent study, users have seen the Dark Mark Defense fade the appearance of brown acne marks 4x faster than adjacent and similar sized scars without the DMD.

Individual results may vary


How to Get Rid of Acne

To win the war against acne, you need to stop pimples from surfacing. The most effective way in doing this is by flushing out dead skin trapped inside your pores making it harder for clogs to form.

If you look at the algorithm dermatologists use¹ to treat most forms of acne, the first line of defense is a topical retinoid.

The Clear Out uses pharma-grade* retinol and AZA to flush out clogs from your pores. The AZA is also very effective in soothing skin and improving uneven skin tone.

*Pharma-grade ingredients are certified by the US Pharmacopeia. It ensures a level of purity and potency which cosmetic grade ingredients do not provide.

Pair the Lighten Up with the Clear Out in order to flush out clogs and reduce red acne scarring at the same time.

The Clear Out carries a 90-day money back guarantee so if you don’t see a noticeable improvement after using the entire bottle, you will get a full refund T&Cs apply.


What More Can I Do to Prevent Acne Scars?

Avoid overwashing or scrubbing which can cause irritation and make your scars linger for longer.

Also, make sure to apply sunblock SPF35 or higher whenever you are outdoors as a red scar can easily turn brown with exposure to UV light.

Once a red scar has become brown, it could last for up to two years.

Lastly, resist the urge to pick at your pimples. Picking at your pimples increases the chances of inflammation, bacterial complications and permanent damage to the tissue surrounding your pores.

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Bea (@beas.bareskin), a student from California, who has tried almost everything...

Ranging from prescription medication, chemical peels to a long list of brands (Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Proactiv, St. Ives, etc.)

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See what others have to say about Clearly Basics.

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