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Simplify your routine for brighter and clearer skin with this trio of customer favorites! So Fresh cleanses and prepares skin for the powerful actives to follow. Clear Out flushes out clogs and makes them harder to form while Protective Moisturizer nourishes your skin barrier and seals all the goodness in.


  • So Fresh prepares skin for the rest of the routine and gives a balanced cleanse that does not over-strip skin of natural oils
  • Clear Out flushes out clogged pores and makes skin less acne-prone
  • Protective Moisturizer soothes sensitivity, repairs skin barrier, and keeps irritants out
  • Expect to see clearer, healthier, glowing skin within months.
  • PETA-Certified Vegan
  • PETA-Certified Cruelty-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Artificial Fragrance-, Colorant-, Paraben-, Lanolin-Free

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

98% of Clear Out users see an improvement in their skin after their first bottle. If you don’t, you can get your money back on Clear Out.

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TLC for Sensitive Skin

Finding the right moisturizer when you have sensitive skin is a risky mission. One wrong move and you might find your skin stinging, burning, and turning red. Protective Moisturizer takes away the guesswork with a gentle formula that will never irritate your skin. In fact, it is packed with soothing aloe vera, skin-repairing peptides, and the natural antioxidant resveratrol to help calm redness, reduce sensitivity, and protect skin from damage. With daily use, skin goes from dry and sensitive to smooth and healthy!

More Than a Pore-Purging Machine

Beyond being a powerful tool to keep breakouts at bay, Clear Out is a retinol lotion that delivers smoother, dewier skin with the ability to fight the signs of aging. As skin starts to clear, fine lines and skin texture also improve. Plus, with AZA and pracaxi oil in the mix, Clear Out helps fade the appearance of red marks left over from acne. This little bottle really does it all.


@fi_ding I just wanted to post my progress, firstly to thank Clearly for giving me my confidence back! I have suffered on and off with my skin for years, the contraceptive pill kept it under control for a long time but since stopping any hormonal contraception my skins been up and down like a yo-yo! I really didn’t want to go down the route of prescription oral medication, personal choice, so when I read about Clearly Basics (after ALOT of research) I decided to give it a go. Even after a few weeks I could tell a difference, and after a few months, the difference is huge! My skin was angry, painful and inflamed. Its now way way calmer, with only a couple of spots popping up around that time of the month. And I’m overjoyed with that! I next plan on tackling the red marks left behind so I can feel even more confident make up free. It does take time, but be patient, and consistent, and it will work! No foaming face washes seem to have helped for me too. Thanks again clearly 🤗😀

@pimpledgirl The 1st week was amazed! Fascinating skin texture, there were no stinging. The 2nd week were pretty same. The 3rd week – purging starred – bumpy skin, redness. The 4th week – same but I added #ProtectiveMoisturiser either from @clearlybasics and in three days redness was reduced. The 5-6th weeks – skin smoother, less red, breaking out badly. The 7-8th week – is it my skin? not red (even after washing as it used to be).

I’d say the amount of pustules has been reduced in 85%. I still have some tiny-tiny pimples and will keep going with mu treatment. • Honestly I’m very grateful to Clearly Basics • I’ll keep you updated.

@skinwithak @clearlybasics helped maintain my skin after oral prescription and honestly their products have helped so many, I get many DM’s thanking me for recommending Clearly Basics and how it’s helped them.

If I knew about @clearlybasics prior to my course of oral prescription I would’ve definitely gone with using Clear Out for sure!

Individual results may vary with all before/after images on this page

How To Use

1. Cleanse
Daily and/or Nightly
2. Spot Treatment
Daily and/or Nightly
3. Clear Pores
4. Moisturize
Daily and/or Nightly


How do the products in this set work together?

  • So Fresh gives a gentle tingle once sufficient oil has been washed off. This helps prevent skin from becoming overstripped of its natural oils.
  • Clear Out is our flagship product. As the name implies, it flushes out the clogs and congestion in your pores, making it much harder for breakouts to form.
  • Protective Moisturizer nourishes and strengthens skin barrier to better protect skin from irritants.

This easy 3-step routine will balance skin’s oil levels, make it less acne-prone, and maintain overall skin health.

Why is Clearly Basics different?

Clearly Basics is a skincare line designed for acne-prone skin. Every product in the lineup has been thoughtfully created to work together with little overlap in active ingredients.

CLEARLY BASICS IS EFFECTIVE. Every product in the Clearly Basics lineup uses medical-grade ingredients which ensure the purity and potency (and ultimately, the effectiveness) of the formulation. Most of our products use multiple active ingredients; when combined in the right mix, these ingredients amplify each other’s effectiveness. Our pharmacists then boost the formulations with botanicals, which are very effective in reducing potential irritation.

How do I apply the 3 products?

Wash your face with So Fresh and pat dry. Follow with your toner and spot treatments (if using).

Wait 3 minutes and apply a pea-sized pump of Clear Out (at night only).

Next, evenly apply Protective Moisturizer onto your face and neck.

You should use a pea-sized pump of Clear Out lotion to spread across your entire face and the lotion should be left on all night. It’s that simple! We spent a lot of time working on the base of this formulation so that a pea-sized pump can spread across your entire face. At this rate, a single bottle should last 2.5 to 3 months.

Note that Clear Out packs quite a punch. As such, avoid using products which contain AHAs or BHAs until your skin has adjusted and you are not experiencing irritation. During the day, continue with your usual routine and use a non-comedogenic facial sunscreen with SPF+30 if you are going outdoors.

How often do I apply the 3 products?

Cleanse with So Fresh twice a day, in the morning and at night. Protective Moisturizer can also be used both in the day and at night.

As for Clear Out, it should only be applied in the evenings. Start Clear Out with alternate nightly application. This gives your skin time to adjust to the strength of the formulation. Step up to nightly application after one week if no lasting irritation occurs.

Can I use this set alongside my other skincare products?

In order to simplify your skincare routine, we’ve carefully blended multiple active ingredients into each formulation so that they work together to address multiple skin concerns. As such, we would recommend shelving any products you are using that are not effective at clearing clogs. In particular, discontinue the use of any products that contain an AHA or BHA as Clear Out will do the heavy lifting in place of these products.

If Clear Out is too drying, most users will apply Protective Moisturizer after applying Clear Out. If Clear Out is too strong for your skin, you can also apply Protective Moisturizer before applying Clear Out. This should only be done for two weeks until your skin adjusts and we can then step it up by applying Clear Out first, before the moisturizer.

Can I use this set if I have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, apply Clear Out only once every three nights for the first week. As your skin adjusts to the strength of Clear Out, you can ‘step up’ by increasing the frequency to every other night and eventually, to every evening. Additionally, you can apply Protective Moisturizer before you apply Clear Out. This will lessen the strength of Clear Out until your skin adjusts. Protective Moisturizer was specifically designed to pair with Clear Out to help those with sensitive skin quickly adjust to the strength of the formulation.

Can I use this set if I am trying to conceive, breastfeeding, or pregnant?

It is safe to use this set when you are trying to conceive or if you are breastfeeding. However, if you are pregnant and you ingest Clear Out, there is a minuscule chance that retinol could cause birth defects. As such, consult your doctor if you are using Clear Out while pregnant. Clear Out can also be used by men in all stages of life.

I am getting new breakouts while using Clear Out. Should I discontinue use?

It normally takes 6 to 8 weeks for a clog inside your pore to surface as a pimple. Clear Out will flush these clogs out faster, often within the 5th week of use. As the existing clog surfaces, it may turn into a low-level breakout if the clog was small or a proper breakout if the clog was large.

Clear Out does not cause clogs. Rather, these were clogs that were already deep inside your skin before you started Clear Out and it is necessary to remove these in order to get clear skin. Get through the purge and by week eight, it’s smooth sailing! You will turn over a new layer of skin with fewer clogs. Every bottle is designed to last 3 months so you should see this turnover and improved results by the end of your first bottle.

Can I use Clear Out for rosacea, psoriasis, cystic or nodular acne?

Clear Out was designed to clear clogged pores on acne-prone skin. If you have rosacea, psoriasis, cystic or nodular acne, please consult your dermatologist.

Will certain skin conditions make the purge worse?

People who have closed comedones (pimples that never surface but remain as hard lumps under the skin) believe that their purge is worse as compared to those with open comedones. It is understandable to have this perception as these users were not used to seeing pimples surface. It is necessary to flush out these clogs by forcing them to the surface in order to get clear skin. However, you can reduce the pace/strength of this purge by applying Clear Out only every alternate evening for the first eight weeks. Once your skin has adjusted, step up to nightly application.

Can I use this set on my back or body?

Yes, you can use this set on your back and body. In fact, Protective Moisturizer is great for your body and hands. But do note that Clear Out was designed to be applied on the face. The skin on your back is much thicker than the skin on your face.

How can I tell the difference between a reaction and a purge?

Please consult with your dermatologist or send Clearly a message via our Facebook page. In general, there are several tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • A rash or breakout caused by a reaction/allergy would show up within the first day whereas a purge would take at least several days to surface.
  • A breakout caused by a reaction would surface even on areas where you typically do not have acne. If you are applying Clear Out on your whole face and only getting breakouts where you normally get pimples, this is likely a normal purge.
  • If the breakouts you are getting are itchy 10 minutes after applying Clear Out, discontinue use.

Will Clear Out give me 100% clear skin?

No product or procedure can guarantee 100% clear skin. Clear Out will make you less acne-prone by perpetually flushing out dead skin and clogs before they can accumulate inside the pores to form blockages. It is still possible for these blockages to form while using Clear Out but the chances are notably lower.

Can I use Clear Out along with my facial?

Ahead of your visit, let your aesthetician know that you are using Clear Out. The full ingredient list can be found in the ‘Key Ingredients’ section of this page. Clear Out gives you a perpetual peel which means that any chemicals applied to your skin will be more quickly absorbed. If you are concerned about sensitivity, do not apply Clear Out in the evening after your facial.

Do I need to constantly use Clear Out once I start?

Nope. Once users have been breakout-free for at least three months, they can reduce the frequency of application to every 2-3 nights.

I have more questions!

DM us via Messenger or click “Send Message” on our Facebook page.


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    This system has changed my skin! No more breakouts and my “mask-ne” is gone.

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