73 Reviews

Balancing Cleanser uses 2% salicylic acid and 2% glycolic acid in order to break down sebum and leave your skin primed for the rest of the Clearly Basics lineup.


  • Soap-free formulation. Gentle yet effective
  • Contains both AHA + BHA. Most acne washes only contain one but not both
  • Readies your skin for use of the Clearly Basics’ lineup

Leave this cleanser on for 30 minutes in the evening for a gentle peel. 👏

Balancing Cleanser

73 Reviews


73 Reviews

Each 100ml bottle is designed to last 8 weeks. That’s $0.4 per day for 4 active ingredients.

If you have acne, Clear Out will do the heavy lifting to clear clogs as compared to any cleanser.

Balancing Cleanser is designed for very oily skin. For all other skin types, we recommend So Fresh Cleanser instead.

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