Reducing Oil Production

If you are having issues with oil control on acne prone skin, here are five steps to take in order to reduce oil production:

Step 1: Break the Oil Production Cycle

Your skin operates on a biofeedback loop whereby oil is produced only when it is necessary. When you have clogged pores, oil is trapped and cannot reach its intended target so neighboring pores go into overdrive in order to make up for oil that is lacking. This leads to more clogs forming.

Break the oil production cycle by decongesting your pores. Clear Out is very effective in flushing out existing clogs. Furthermore, it uses medical grade retinol which directly decreases oil production:

Step 2: Getting Cleansing Right

Opt for a gentle cleanser and only wash your face twice per day: once in the morning and once in the evening. If you find that your skin still skews oily, spend more time working in the gentle cleanser and you will find the right balance.

It is a common mistake for people with oil skin to use a strong cleanser, or to overwash. This will force your skin into overdrive to make up for lost oil. This cleanser has been perfectly balanced for those with oily skin:

Step 3: Getting Moisturizing Right

Your skin operates on a biofeedback loop. Moisturize proactively so that your skin does not need to generate oil to do the same job. Here is an oil-free moisturizer which you will find very useful:    

Step 4: Watch Your Diet

Avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index (GI). These foods have been proven to trigger your sebum glands to produce more oil. Common foods include: baked potatoes, pasta, white rice, white bread and ice cream:

Step 5: Consider a Toner

Toners have gotten a bad rap for containing drying alcohol.  However, not all toners are the same.  Consider a toner that contains salicylic acid as this BHA will break down oils.

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@pimpledgirl The 1st week was amazed! Fascinating skin texture, there were no stinging. The 2nd week were pretty same. The 3rd week – purging starred – bumpy skin, redness. The 4th week – same but I added #ProtectiveMoisturiser either from @clearlybasics and in three days redness was reduced. The 5-6th weeks – skin smoother, less red, breaking out badly. The 7-8th week – is it my skin? not red (even after washing as it used to be).

I’d say the amount of pustules has been reduced in 85%. I still have some tiny-tiny pimples and will keep going with mu treatment. • Honestly I’m very grateful to Clearly Basics • I’ll keep you updated.

@by.emmataylor So there’s been some progress with my scarring🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.

These are Clearly Basics results for 1 month of using the lighten up, you can use CODE EMMA for 10% off at the checkout (only if u want)

@acneisntugly Thank you @clearlybasics for being on this journey with me for the past 5 months.

No more green concealer or green primer! My skin tone is so much better, I don’t use as much foundation as I once did, I don’t constantly worry I look like I have chicken pox and I feel much more confident within my skin!

The power duo really has been an absolute game changer for my skin and I’m so glad I’ve shared my results day in and day out so we could all see this progression.

@deannaskin Over the past month and a half I’ve noticed a massive change to the appearance and texture of my skin since using @clearlybasics. Honestly the most effective products (vegan of course) I’ve used all year. Not only has the redness of my spots reduced, but I rarely get painful under-the-skin bumps or huge whiteheads anymore. My scars have also faded so quickly 👀

If your skin is similar to mine I’d 100% recommend that you implement these products into your skincare routine.

I’m only a few weeks in using these products but the results have been so positive🔮🧚🏽‍♀️

@amynuramira I have been struggling with acne for 10 years. This is by far the best product. I started out with brown pigmentation (acne marks) and a lot of tiny bumps of acne on my forehead, cheek and nose (kind of like sand paper). As soon as I started the Clear Out and Lighten Up, my acne bumps got smaller and smaller. My brown pigmentation began turning lighter (reddish pinkish).
Initially, when I started using it, I didn’t really get a ‘purge’ it was just a small amount of break outs which went away in a few weeks. Now my hormonal break outs are not as terrible as before, they still appear but barely noticeable. My skin is acne-free, pigmentation are still there but they’ve improved tremendously!

@beas.bareskin Clearly Basics have been with me for about a week and I’m so happy I’ve been using their product!!!!!

My fave between these 3 is the “Lighten up” one because it has definitely helped with the redness! The redness on my cheeks are slowly dimming down and the texture of my skin is so soft and smooth.

You may not be able to tell cuz pictures don’t do it justice but if you were to have felt my skin before I used their products compared to now you can definitely feel the difference !!!

Individual results may vary