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Post-acne red marks often linger long after acne has cleared. If these marks are exposed to the sun, they can become stubborn brown scars. Quickly remove the evidence of past breakouts with Lighten Up. In no time, your skin can return to its healthiest and happiest self.

Lighten Up is for you if:

  • Breakouts have left noticeable red marks on your skin.
  • You want to visibly get rid of these red marks quickly.
  • You want to reduce the chances that red marks become stubborn dark marks.  

Lighten Up is a companion product to Clear Out. Buy Clear Out first before getting Lighten Up.

Each bottle is designed to last 3 months depending on how many spots need treatment.

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Calm and relieve angry skin with this lightweight cream. Packed with Alpha Bisabolol and Plant Stem Cells to nourish and restore radiance.

Relieves itchy and irritated skin 

Hydrates and restores radiance

Formulated for hypersensitive skin 

See results with Clear Out or get your money back. Full Terms here.

Immediate Relief for Sensitive Skin

Clearly’s Redness Cream is a cutting-edge formula unique to the market that delivers proven results on irritation. Packed with antioxidant-rich Plant Stem Cells to deliver vital replenishment for sensitive, moody skin. 


noticed faster healing of acne symptoms


saw immediate reduction of irritation

Proven Ingredients Make the Difference

Alpha Bisabolol 2%

Visibly improves redness and irritation

Plant Stem Cells .8%

Calms skin and restores natural radiance 

Pracaxi Oil .5%

Replenishes and hydrates depleted skin 


Visibly improves redness and irritation

Plant Stem Cells

Calms skin and restores natural radiance

Pracaxi Oil

Replenishes and hydrates depleted skin

Deeply Restores and Nourishes

Plant Stem Cells and Phyto Lipids calm, hydrate, nourish, and gently stimulate renewal. This combination of innovative actives is impressive for skin repair and smoothing. They also work wonders in keeping skin fresh, radiant, and more resilient. 

Suggested Routine

AM: Morning Routine

PM: Night Routine

Skincare That Works. Just Ask the Internet.

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