Your New Skincare Secret For Instant Red-Carpet Skin

Turn everything from age signs to rough texture, into a luminous, bare-faced glow.

  • Rachel M. | January 17th 2024

Smooth, youthful skin with a bright and even texture, and no breakouts in sight! 

It's no wonder everyone wants to know how they achieve this level of perfection... especially when most products out there under $75 rarely deliver on their promises.

So how do they do it? Kim routinely talks about the importance of deep exfoliation.

"You should exfoliate once per week. I recommend a mix of physical and chemical exfoliation, like glycolic peel pads that help resurface skin's texture and prevent acne," she said.

So We Conducted Hours Of Research

In hopes of finding the best exfoliating pads on the market today, we spoke to multiple skincare experts to understand what we should look out for. We want to share those findings with you right now to help others make informed decisions in their own skincare journey.

1. Insufficient Active Concentrations

Many over-the-counter exfoliating pads fail to incorporate the clinical-grade concentrations necessary for transformative skin benefits. This diluted potency leads not only to wasted time and effort but also to the profound disappointment of not achieving the clear, glowing skin promised on the packaging.

2. Irritating Ingredient Combinations

It's a lesser-known fact that certain skincare ingredients can actually counteract each other when mixed, diluting their effectiveness, or worse, causing skin irritation. This lack of harmony among components can sideline your skincare goals, leaving you with results that feel more frustrating than fabulous.

3. Bad Serum Stability Due to High pH Levels

Many products skirt the edge of efficacy with pH levels over 4, compromising the potent benefits of active ingredients. This misstep can leave your skin in a perpetual state of catch-up, never fully reaping the glow-inducing rewards. Opt for products that keep a pH close to 3 for maximum  effectiveness and radiant results.

So what did we find that can turn our skincare woes into skin like WOAH!?

The Gentle Powerhouse: Clarifying Peel Pads from Clearly

"A revolution in skin rejuvenation..."

But luckily for us...

We found a convenient, cost-effective way to get that 'Met-Gala' glow without breaking the bank.

The Clarifying pads from Clearly Basics and we're excited to present this solution to you:

1. The Most Pure and Powerful Formula on the Market

Say goodbye to insufficient concentrations: this dermatologist-approved formula has the perfect high performance concentration.

It is the cleanest and most powerful on the market, with a 26% blend of pure Glycolic, Mandelic, and Lactobionic Acid, which is why it's so good at dramatically improving all sorts of skin concerns such as uneven tone and bumpy texture while getting rid large pores and dead skin buildup.

2. An Innovative Irritation Reducing Formula

Forget the worry about burns and rashes thanks to Clearly. Their proprietary blend, containing 11 antioxidants and nutrients like niacinamide and cica, protect your skin from irritation. Each pad delivers soothing, hydration, ensuring you get all the benefits of the peel worry-free.

3. The Perfect pH for Flawless Results

Unstable formulas are left behind with Clearly's Clarifying Pads. Its perfect pH of 3.2 is engineered for maximum stability and skin absorption so you can start seeing visible results like smoother, more luminous skin immediately.

And that's not all! There are even more reasons why Clearly's Clarifying Pads are the most effective glycolic acid pads on the market:

The Perfect Treatment For Your Skin

With these pads, you won't have to worry about the strength and exfoliation you give your skin. Each pad contains the exact and optimal dose of glycolic, mandelic, and lactobionic acid along with soothing botanicals to safely make your skin look radiant and healthy.

It's super easy and perfect for all the lazygirls like us! You just have to wipe a pad quickly across you freshly cleaned skin, once or twice a week at night, and wait till the serum dries before your next step.

Expert Tip: We recommend using it the night before big events so you wake up to incredible, dewy looking skin and perfect makeup the next day.

real visible results and minimal effort with clearly's pads

By adding these exfoliating pads to your skincare routine, you will see how your skin smooths, brightens, and has a more youthful, refreshed look. 

Clearly's Clarifying Pads have surprising results that were clinically-tested using unbiased and unpaid surveys of 65 consumers with oversight unaffiliated dermatologist oversight over 8 weeks using 2 treatments per week. 

The clinical results tested after 1 weeks were:

92% saw overall healthier looking skin

97% had an increase of elasticity and firmness

83% saw improvement in fine lines and wrinkles

97% reported skin looked and felt smoother

What's even more impressive was the results after a full 8 weeks.

21.8% average improvement in skin density

32% improvement in natural collagen production

200% improvement from week 1 to 8 in appearance of fine lines

21.33% reduction of forehead wrinkles from weeks 4 to 8

42.9% reduction in pore size from weeks 1 to 4

Success Stories: Proven Effectiveness

  • Pilar A. | January 2024

"I loved it. These pads are the best: the perfect sting so I know they are working but never caused any irritation and super easy to apply. I'm obsessed with how my skin looks the morning after using these!"

  • Rachel M. | January 2024

"I've had these little bumps on my forehead for years. I shit you not, within 1 week they were gone. These are my new holy grail!"

  • Janice T. | January 2024

"I'm 63 so I didn't expect much, but boy was I surprised. I already notice that my skin is brighter and has fewer wrinkles. I'll never be without these. Great product!"

  • Marina N. | January 2024

"It does exactly what they said. From the first day after application I noticed my skin just had this dewy glow. My husband actually thought I was pregnant again. I will keep using this to see the long-term benefits, but right now I'm a huge fan!"


The Exfoliation Solution Your Skin Deserves

Now, we obviously aren't going to tell you that these pads are better than a $650 facial from your local med spa.

And we know some of you will try to make your own concoction in your kitchen sink (please becareful to avoid permanent skin damage). 

But if none of that sounds like you and you want to see what Clearly's Clarifying Pads can do for your skin. 

Then you're in luck! Because right now you can get a 6 month supply for less than the cost of one week of Starbucks Coffee with a risk free 60 day guarantee. 

So what are you waiting for? 


Try Clearly's Clarifying Pads and see your skin transform from dull and lifeless to radiant and luminous overnight!

Don't wait - click the link below to get yours  today with our special coupon and redeem the BOGO before your offer ends!

Clarifying Pads

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P.S. Before you go I thought I would share some of the most common questions I get about the products. Answered by the brands Master Aesthetician.

Can I use this if my skin is sensitive?

Thank you for your question! Yes, sensitive skin is what we do best from years of clinical studies we have found the right antioxidants and nutrients to prevent irritation even when using high ingredient dosages. You will be able to use any products in our range worry-free.

Will I see purging while using Clearly's Clarifying Pads?

Thank you for your interest in our Clarifying Pads and for your great question! Depending on the level of pore congestion and active breakouts you have at the start of using our Peel Pads, you may see some temporary purging. It’s important to be consistent and stick to using the Peel Pads in your routine to see long-term results!

What’s the correct layering routine when using my pads?

Thank you for your question! This is the Brands Master Estheticians routine recommendation for their products. Customize based on the products in your routine!

1. Cleanse 
2. Steam
3. Clarifying Peel Pads
4. Serums (when applying more than one serum, go thinnest to thickest) 
5. Eye creams
6. Moisturizer 
7. SPF 
8. Lip treatments


Should I use them in the morning or night?

It is important to use only in the PM, and for optimal results should be used 2-3 times per week. Always remember to use SPF in the AM, especially when using both Glycolic Acid.

Can I use my Pads with active ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol?

Thank you for your question! Active ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol are safe to use when using Clarifying Peel Pads and recommended. Be sure to use care when introducing new products to your regimen and reduce frequency of application if needed until skin acclimates. Please consult your doctor for instructions when using peels with prescription-strength topical medications.

How is this different from DDG's Alpha Beta® Daily Peels?

Great question! The problem we found with Alpha Beta® Daily Peels from Dr. Dennis Gross when doing a side by side comparison in our lab was that, their product was using substandard ingredient concentrations. You can see this when you glance at their ingredients list that they don't disclose anywhere what you're paying an arm and a leg for. 

We won't bash a fellow Brand, because while we think they do great work. We find it a bit unfair to charge what they do for what they are providing to customers. And we'll leave it at that.


Without getting too "sciency" on your audience, we also want to share that while both peels can potentially work for you. Our antioxidant and nutrition complex which uses the purest, clinically proven ingredients found commonly in the highest grade products in Korea and Japan to speed up the skins repair process after the pH drops. 


This allows your skin to quickly change it's pH to avoid irritation, which is where the magic happens and your skin sheds it's acidic layers.


Happy to answer any more questions from your audience. Tell them they can contact me directly at

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Immediate Radiance

Even out tone & texture

Diminish fine lines & wrinkles

Boost hydration & repair

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