Matte Hydrator*

Mister den fete glansen

Matte Hydrator

Mister den fete glansen
$28.90 USD

Visste du at løsningen på altfor fet hud er å holde den hydrert? Med 100 % medisinsk kvalitet hyaluronsyre med ultralav molekylvekt, absorberer Matte Hydrator fullstendig inn i huden og trekker fuktighet dypt inn der det betyr mest.

Matte Hydrator er for deg hvis:

  • Du har fet eller dehydrert hud (noen ganger kan huden din være begge deler!)
  • Du vil gå lenger uten den fete glansen. Dette oljefrie serumet forbedrer hudtonen og tekstur
  • Du ønsker å gå utover overflaten og fukte huden dypt inne
    Hver flaske er designet for å vare i 3 måneder med daglig påføring.


    Senker hudens oljenivåer

    Matt Hydrator holder huden glad og reduserer behovet for at huden din skal produsere ekstra olje.

    Ger en ren, matt finish

    Ved bruk av medisinsk hyaluronsyre med ultralav molekylvekt absorberer Matte Hydrator seg fullstendig inn i huden. Dette etterlater huden matt på overflaten og trekker fuktighet inn i huden der det er mest nødvendig.

    Har du lurt på hvorfor andre hyaluronsyreserum ikke etterlater en mattende effekt? Hyaluronsyre er normalt for stor til å absorberes i huden. Gjennom nanoteknologi reduserer vi molekylvekten til hyaluronsyren vår slik at den kan absorberes i huden der det betyr mest.

    Holder huden ung og sunn

    Bruk Matte Hydrator daglig som et tørsteslukkende serum som fyller huden eller som en lett fuktighetskrem for forbedret hudtone og tekstur.



    100 % hyaluronsyre med ultralav molekylvekt

    Tror lett inn i huden og bringer fuktighet der det betyr mest. Vi bruker nanoteknologi for å mikronisere hyaluronsyre ... ellers vil hyaluronsyren sitte på toppen av huden akkurat som de fleste HA-serumene som er på markedet i dag.

    Formulert uten

    Olje, kunstig duft, kunstige fargestoffer, parabener, lanolin 

    Alle Clearly Basics-produkter er PETA-sertifisert Cruelty-free og veganske

    + se de fullstendige ingrediensene

    vann, natriumhyaluronat, karbomer, fenoksyetanol, etylheksylglyserin

    Hvordan å bruke

    For morgen- og/eller kveldsbruk. Påfør 2-3 dråper på lett fuktig hud etter eventuelle flekkbehandlinger og Clear Out. Hvis du har tørr hud, følg med Protective Moisturizer som det siste trinnet i hudpleierutinen.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 236 reviews
    Kim R.

    Clearly Basics has been an absolute life saver! Not an over night miracle, be patient and stick with it, amazing products

    Leonor Zubillaga

    I started getting regular breakouts in my early 20’s and tried MANY different products (from harsh scrubs to all-natural serums) for 3 years without seeing any real improvement in my acne. I was convinced by seeing a ton of Clearly testimonies that it would be worth trying out, and I have not bought any skincare products from another company since! My skin reacted to Clear Out immediately and after a few weeks of “purging”, I completely stopped having breakouts on my cheeks for the first time in years. The Lighten Up also got rid of the scarring I had, and the Matte Hydrator keeps my skin fully moisturized and glowy, but not oily. I LOVE being able to skip makeup now because I feel that my skin looks great without it. That’s a direct result of using Clearly Basics products.

    Carolyn Budreski

    So grateful I found Clearly Basics. Their products have been a game changer for me. I use almost everything in their line, but I especially love the Clear Out Extra Strength to manage my acne and Protective Moisturizer which helps with my acne healing

    Crystal Senander

    I’ve had really great success with Clear Out, and actually have tracked my progress from a year ago to now! The difference in pictures is pretty darn amazing. Nothing else worked for my cystic acne, and I’ve been on accutane 3 times! This product has been so amazing for me after suffering with cystic acne for 20 years. It's been a godsend and I hope anyone who feels hopelessly about their acne will give it a try! Thank you CB!

    Kimberly C.

    This is the only hydration serum that has relieved dry patches without making other areas of my face oily and breakout. It’s the number one product and only product I use to hydrate my skin.

    Charlotte H.

    Really nice serum, goes well under make-up. However, Id using spf this serum is not quite strong enough to combat my hormonal oily skin, and still need to blot at around lunchtime.


    Great product!


    Ive always wanted to try hyaluronic acid, but most formulas form a thick and sticky layer. This product, however, is fantastic. It melts into my skin and isnt noticeable throughout the day.

    Deborah Smith

    My daughter loves the moisturiser. Due to her sensitive skin we have tried many different products/ ranges and this is the only one which doesnt make her skin worse. It is fragrance free and free of all the bad things which irritate skin. It is so smooth and soothes her skin. Since using this her skin condition has improved so much, she isnt as red and it is very soft. We feel it has really help rebuild her skin. You only need a small amount each time as it spreads really well therefore one bottle lasts at least 3 months. My daughter is on prescribed medication at the moment so it was very important the products we use dont make her skin sore. Clearly are the only ones we will now use as we are confident she isnt going to react to them. The service I have received from clearly has been amazing and delivery is very quick. Thank you so much clearly!!


    My favourite moisturiser, I use it both day and night.

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