Extra Strength Duo*

완고한 여드름과 붉은 자국을 씻어내는 헤비 타자

Extra Strength Duo

완고한 여드름과 붉은 자국을 씻어내는 헤비 타자
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Power Duo를 사용한 적이 있고 깊고 완고한 막힌 부분을 제거하기 위해 약간의 추가 발차기가 필요한 경우 Extra Strength Duo가 당신을 위한 세트입니다. 클리어 아웃 엑스트라 스트렝스(Clear Out Extra Strength)는 거친 막힘을 씻어내는 모공 정화 능력이 20% 더 강력합니다.


Clear Out Extra Strength 완고한 막힘을 씻어내고 여드름이 잘 나지 않는 피부를 만듭니다. 장기적으로

Lighten Up여드름 후 붉은 자국의 모양을 흐리게 합니다. 


파워 듀오 사용 후 모공 깊숙이 남아 있는 묵은 각질을 씻어내도록 설계되었습니다. 이 세트가 끝나면 피부 결과 톤이 눈에 띄게 개선될 것으로 기대하세요.

막힌 막힘을 제거하고 피부에 여드름을 덜 유발합니다.

레티놀의 농도가 더 높고 살리실산으로 강화된 Clear Out Extra Strength는 OG Clear Out보다 20% 더 강력합니다. 이렇게 하면 깊고 완고한 막힘을 해결하는 데 더욱 효과적입니다.

붉은 여드름 자국을 희미하게 합니다.

Lighten Up은 천연 성분의 독특한 블렌드를 사용하여 붉은 여드름 자국을 줄이고 본연의 피부 톤을 복원합니다.


주요 성분

추가 힘 제거

모공을 깨끗하게 유지하고 콜라겐을 증가시킵니다. 

8% AZA

발적을 진정시키고 피부 결을 개선하며 피부를 밝게 합니다. 


피지 분해 및 지성 피부 감소 



피부 진정, 환경 손상으로부터 보호, 피부톤 개선 



피부를 진정시키고 치유를 촉진하며 과색소침착을 교정합니다. 



인공 착색제, 파라벤 및 라놀린

Clearly Basics의 모든 제품은 PETA 인증을 받은 크루얼티 프리 및 비건입니다

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추가 힘 제거
물, 알코올, 아젤라산, 세테아릴 알코올, PEG-6, 시클로메티콘, PPG-3 벤질 에테르 에틸헥사노에이트, 살리실산, 글리세린, 세테아릴 에틸헥사노에이트, 이소프로필 미리스테이트, 글리세릴 스테아레이트, PEG-100레티놀, 펜타일렌 스테아레이트, 레시틴, 폴리소르베이트 20, 인산칼륨, 트리에탄올아민, 페녹시에탄올, 에틸헥실글리세린

 아쿠아, 코카미도프로필베타인, 소듐라우로일사코시네이트, 폴리아크릴레이트 크로스폴리머-6, 폴리소르베이트 20, 박하피페리타 오일, 감귤류 Aurantifolia 오일, 아카시아 콘시나 과일 추출물, Balanites Aegyptiaca 과일 추출물, Gypsophila Paniculata 뿌리 추출물, Phenoxyethanol, Eth

사용하는 방법

세안 후 토너 사용 후:

  1. 오전과 오후에 빨간색 표시가 있는 곳에 Lighten Up을 적용합니다.
  2. 밤에만 클리어 아웃 엑스트라 스트렝스를 얼굴 전체에 바릅니다. 보습제를 발라주세요.

추가 근력을 제거하는 데 처음이신가요? 다른 밤에 적용하는 것으로 시작하십시오. 일주일 후에도 자극이 지속되지 않으면 밤에 바르십시오.

낮에는 논코메도제닉 SPF30+ 선크림을 사용하는 것을 잊지 마세요.


Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Hannah W.

I saw a huge reduction in new pimples and any new pimples scars healed and disappeared a lot quicker


I am 32 years old and still suffering from acne. I tried many things, but acne will dissappear and come back. Now I am using this product and my skin is getting better. Still I get some acne, but hopefully it clear all. But I am not sure how long I should use this product ?

Meghan R

Ive been using clear out for about 3 months and I have noticed a big change. Breakouts are minimal and my skin is looking and feeling much clearer. Im just about to start the clear out extra strength to try and clean out the remaining stubborn cystic bumps. Id like the pigmentation and scars to fade quicker, but Im sure they will in time. Overall Im happy with the product and can notice the change when comparing photos.

Melissa Aldana

I love what the Sensitive Skin Trio (Clear Out + Lighten Up + Protective Moisturizer) has done for my skin! I had tried so many things before trying these products out and my skin was at its worst and peeling horribly, but I noticed a difference within the first week of using these products. The So Fresh cleanser is so refreshing and it has worked so well without stripping my skin. And with the Dark Mark Defense, my dark marks have faded greatly in comparison to when I first started using it. Since starting Clearly, I have upgraded to the Clear Out Extra Strength and even with the stronger formulation, I don’t experience any sensitivity and my skin has never looked or felt better! My skin is not dull or dry, and even has a glow, and the texture of my skin has also improved significantly

Nicole Long

I have always struggled with acne ever since I was a teenager. Constant breakouts, constant red marks, fading into acne scars that I still probably have today. I found Clearly through social media and I was really taken in by their testimonials, so I took the leap. I started with the Clear Out + Lighten Up (Power Duo), and I really was able to see that any breakouts I was having would go away faster than I've ever seen and the Lighten Up would get rid of those red marks very quickly. Eventually I moved into the Clear Out Extra Strength and I was able to really feel like I was clearing out my clogged pores and really resetting my skin. I also added the Dark Mark Defense to really target those dark marks, acne scars that I've had since I was a teenager, and I was able to see the difference within the first month, which was really exciting for me to really target those spots that have been bothering me for years!

Lydia P.

This is my favourite duo!! Being using them for about 3 months now. The extra strength has been working to really clear out my pores so I will continue using it and helps with my hormonal acne too. The lighten up is amazing whenever there is any redness after acne i apply this and this reduces the redness drastically within a day!!


I switched from the Clear Out to the Extra Strength, and noticed I went through another purge before my skin settled. Does what it claims.

Lisa W.

Be patient, it really does work

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