Protective Moisturizer

Repara y fortalece tu piel

Protective Moisturizer

Repara y fortalece tu piel
$39.90 USD

Ligero pero extremadamente nutritivo, Protective Moisturizer fortalece la barrera de la piel y la protege de los rayos UV, la contaminación y las inclemencias del tiempo. Esto significa que el daño permanece alejado y tu piel permanece suave y saludable.

El humectante protector es para ti si:

  • Tienes piel mixta, seca o sensible
  • Tu piel se enrojece (el enrojecimiento conduce al envejecimiento prematuro)  
  • Desea mejorar la salud general de la piel y protegerla de los factores estresantes que provocan irritación y acné
  • Estás buscando un humectante que puedas usar cómodamente todo el día debajo del maquillaje
    Como una línea de cuidado de la piel diseñada para pieles propensas al acné, puede estar seguro de que toda la línea Clearly Basics no obstruye los poros.


    Nutre la barrera de la piel

    Con péptidos de grado médico, aloe vera y resveratrol, el humectante protector repara la piel y la protege de los factores estresantes ambientales que provocan irritación y acné. El resultado es una piel suave y saludable durante todo el día.

    Reduce el enrojecimiento

    El rubor en la piel causa envejecimiento prematuro. El humectante protector usa péptidos para fortalecer la piel y hacerla más resistente al enrojecimiento.

    Calma la piel seca y sensible

    Protective Moisturizer es muy nutritivo para la piel y ayuda a fortalecerla. Originalmente fue diseñado para reducir la irritación causada por los medicamentos recetados para el acné.

    Combate los signos del envejecimiento

    Con péptidos y aloe vera para estimular el colágeno, la crema hidratante protectora ayuda a atenuar la apariencia de las arrugas y le da a la piel un tono más firme y suave.


    Ingredientes principales


    Reafirma el tono de la piel y la protege de los rayos UV y del daño ambiental 


    Fortalece la barrera cutánea, repara la piel y estimula el colágeno 

    Aloe Vera

    Calma el enrojecimiento, favorece la cicatrización y ayuda a mantener la piel joven 

    Formulado sin

    Fragancia artificial, colorantes artificiales, parabenos y lanolina 

    Todos los productos de Clearly Basics tienen certificación PETA como libres de crueldad y veganos

    + ver los ingredientes completos

    agua, alcohol cetearílico, ciclometicona, etilhexanoato de cetearilo, miristato de isopropilo, PPG-3 bencil éter etilhexanoato, glicerina, estearato de glicerilo, estearato de PEG-100, acetato de tocoferilo, resveratrol, palmitoil dipéptido-5 diaminobutiroil hidroxitreonina, palmitoil dipéptido-5 diaminohidroxibutirato, aloe barbadensis jugo de hoja en polvo, extracto de pepino, alantoína, extracto de semilla de pomelo, BHT, fenoxietanol, etilhexilglicerina

    Cómo utilizar

    Til brug morgen og aften. Påfør 1-2 ærte-størrelser på ansigt og hals som det sidste trin i din hudplejerutine. Du kan også bruge fugtighedscremen på dine hænder og krop.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 153 reviews
    Brianna M.

    I suffered with acne for years, and when I finally learned to stop the acne I was left with red and brown scars and hyperpigmentation. But I started using the clearly basics Lighten up cream and Dark mark defends, followed by the moisturiser, and I saw a dramatic difference within days! My scars have lightened so much and most of them are gone. I find this moisturiser is also very hydrating but not greasy, it is absorbed into my skin effortlessly, and it wears beautifully under my makeup. I've now been using the products for 6 months and will continue to use it!

    Carolyn Budreski

    So grateful I found Clearly Basics. Their products have been a game changer for me. I use almost everything in their line, but I especially love the Clear Out Extra Strength to manage my acne and Protective Moisturizer which helps with my acne healing

    Gemma Witt

    When I first started with Clearly Basics, I had just came off Roaccutane which helped me a little before, but as soon as I was off it, I started getting breakouts again. I was informed that the Clearly Basics products were also designed for people who have gone off prescription medications, to help manage acne to avoid relapsing, and they’ve been absolutely great for me! I was in awe of my progress when I first started, and now I’ve been using the products for more than a year! I really believe in these products. I wake up everyday with a smile on my face because of my much healthier skin

    Gabriela A

    “Absolutely so happy with this product! My cheeks were congested and had so many breakouts and redness I didn't know what to do anymore. I tried everything. I kept seeing Clearly Basic showing up on my Facebook and Instagram and thought what the hell and decided to order the complete trio moisturizer pack. It came in cute packaging and the directions were clear. I started using it two months ago and my god there is a lot of improvement!! My cheeks are less congested and red. I have mostly dark spots but the lighten up is definitely helping with that! I rarely get any big breakouts and even if a pimple starts to show the Clear Out stops it in it's track. The Protective Moisturizer is great for my sensitive skin and helps keep my skin feel moisturized but doesn't make my skin go oily. I definitely would recommend this product and I can't wait to see how my skin will be in the few months using Clearly Basics! Thanks Clearly Basics!!”

    Kim H.

    Excellent results and acne has cleared. Smooth clear skin with minimum breakouts.

    Mirrin K.

    Amazing! Always keeps my skin glowing and moisturised

    Meghan R.

    My skin feels so soft after using this moisturizer!


    I am obsessed with this moisturiser. I have tried so many mild moisturisers, but this one keeps my face hydrated without leaving a shiny layer on my face. I only wish Clearly had their own SPF to go with it.


    I like this moisturiser because it doesnt clog pores and a little goes a long way. I have quite oily skin on my forehead so I also use the mattifying serum too. Happy so far with these products


    On those days when my skin is rough it smooths it wonderfully and hydrates.

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