Duo Extra Fuerte*

Golpeador pesado para eliminar el acné persistente y las marcas rojas.

Duo Extra Fuerte

Golpeador pesado para eliminar el acné persistente y las marcas rojas.
$91.80 USD $84.90 USD (guardar 8%)
Si ha usado Power Duo y necesita un toque extra para eliminar las últimas obstrucciones profundas y rebeldes, Extra Strength Duo es el juego para usted. Clear Out Extra Strength tiene un 20 % más de poder de purga de poros para eliminar esas obstrucciones difíciles.

¿Qué contiene DUO EXTRA FUERTE?

Clear Out Extra Strength elimina las obstrucciones rebeldes y hace que la piel sea menos propensa al acné a largo plazo

Lighten Up desvanece la apariencia de las marcas rojas posteriores al acné 


Diseñado para eliminar las obstrucciones persistentes restantes en el interior de los poros después de usar Power Duo. Espere una mejora notable en la textura y el tono de la piel al final de este conjunto.

Elimina obstrucciones persistentes y hace que la piel sea menos propensa al acné

Con una mayor concentración de retinol y fortificado con ácido salicílico, Clear Out Extra Strength es un 20 % más fuerte que el OG Clear Out. Esto lo hace aún más efectivo para combatir obstrucciones profundas y persistentes.

Desvanece la apariencia de las marcas rojas de acné

Lighten Up utiliza una combinación única de ingredientes naturales para reducir el aspecto de las marcas rojas posteriores al acné y restaurar el tono original de la piel.


Ingredientes principales

Limpiar fuerza extra

Mantiene los poros limpios y aumenta el colágeno 

8 % de AZA

Calma el enrojecimiento, mejora la textura de la piel e ilumina la piel 

Ácido salicílico

Descompone el sebo y reduce la piel grasa 



Calma la piel, la protege del daño ambiental y mejora el tono de la piel 



Alivia la piel, promueve la cicatrización y corrige la hiperpigmentación 


Formulado sin

Colorantes artificiales, parabenos y lanolina

Todos los productos de Clearly Basics cuentan con certificación PETA como libres de crueldad y veganos

+ ver los ingredientes completos

Limpiar fuerza extra
agua, alcohol, ácido azelaico, alcohol cetearílico, PEG-6, ciclometicona, PPG-3 bencil éter etilhexanoato, ácido salicílico, glicerina, cetearil etilhexanoato, miristato de isopropilo, estearato de glicerilo, estearato de PEG-100, retinol, pentilenglicol, lecitina, polisorbato 20, fosfato de potasio, trietanolamina, fenoxietanol, etilhexilglicerina

 Aqua, cocamidopropil betaína, lauroil sarcosinato de sodio, polímero cruzado de poliacrilato-6, polisorbato 20, aceite de Mentha Piperita, aceite de Citrus Aurantifolia, extracto de fruta de Acacia Concinna, extracto de fruta de Balanites Aegyptiaca, extracto de raíz de Gypsophila Paniculata, fenoxietanol, etilhexilglicerina

Cómo utilizar

Después de limpiar y aplicar el tónico:

  1. Aplica Lighten Up en cualquier marca roja por la mañana y por la tarde.
  2. Solo por la noche, aplique Clear Out Extra Strength en todo el rostro. Siga con una crema hidratante.

¿Es nuevo en Clear Out Extra Strength? Comienza aplicándolo en noches alternas. Si no se produce una irritación duradera después de una semana, aumente a la aplicación nocturna.

Durante el día, recuerda usar un protector solar no comedogénico con SPF30+.


Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Hannah W.

I saw a huge reduction in new pimples and any new pimples scars healed and disappeared a lot quicker


I am 32 years old and still suffering from acne. I tried many things, but acne will dissappear and come back. Now I am using this product and my skin is getting better. Still I get some acne, but hopefully it clear all. But I am not sure how long I should use this product ?

Meghan R

Ive been using clear out for about 3 months and I have noticed a big change. Breakouts are minimal and my skin is looking and feeling much clearer. Im just about to start the clear out extra strength to try and clean out the remaining stubborn cystic bumps. Id like the pigmentation and scars to fade quicker, but Im sure they will in time. Overall Im happy with the product and can notice the change when comparing photos.

Melissa Aldana

I love what the Sensitive Skin Trio (Clear Out + Lighten Up + Protective Moisturizer) has done for my skin! I had tried so many things before trying these products out and my skin was at its worst and peeling horribly, but I noticed a difference within the first week of using these products. The So Fresh cleanser is so refreshing and it has worked so well without stripping my skin. And with the Dark Mark Defense, my dark marks have faded greatly in comparison to when I first started using it. Since starting Clearly, I have upgraded to the Clear Out Extra Strength and even with the stronger formulation, I don’t experience any sensitivity and my skin has never looked or felt better! My skin is not dull or dry, and even has a glow, and the texture of my skin has also improved significantly

Nicole Long

I have always struggled with acne ever since I was a teenager. Constant breakouts, constant red marks, fading into acne scars that I still probably have today. I found Clearly through social media and I was really taken in by their testimonials, so I took the leap. I started with the Clear Out + Lighten Up (Power Duo), and I really was able to see that any breakouts I was having would go away faster than I've ever seen and the Lighten Up would get rid of those red marks very quickly. Eventually I moved into the Clear Out Extra Strength and I was able to really feel like I was clearing out my clogged pores and really resetting my skin. I also added the Dark Mark Defense to really target those dark marks, acne scars that I've had since I was a teenager, and I was able to see the difference within the first month, which was really exciting for me to really target those spots that have been bothering me for years!

Lydia P.

This is my favourite duo!! Being using them for about 3 months now. The extra strength has been working to really clear out my pores so I will continue using it and helps with my hormonal acne too. The lighten up is amazing whenever there is any redness after acne i apply this and this reduces the redness drastically within a day!!


I switched from the Clear Out to the Extra Strength, and noticed I went through another purge before my skin settled. Does what it claims.

Lisa W.

Be patient, it really does work


The best Duo ive ever tried. Definitely will recommend this to my friends

Eleanor Williams

Incredible product. I was suffering with Cystic painful Acne and always have for years. I have been on oral antibiotics and medicated topical treatments from the doctors since I was 12. My skin is made worse when taking combined contraceptives. This is the only product that has cleared my skin. I will be purchasing more. Its expensive but worth every penny because it works in my opinion. My current bottle has absolutely loads left (I would assume another 2 months worth at least) and I have been using it for 3 months already. Thank you Clearly for helping me regain my confidence and allowing me to leave the house without makeup.

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