The Underdog MVP in Our Beauty Arsenal

The beauty trend that's more dependable than your LBD.

Quick: name the #1 skincare thing you reach for everyday to look gorgeous.

What are the chances you named your sunscreen? Yeah, you're not alone.  Sunscreen is the calcium tablet in our morning routine, aka: something we all should be taking but always seem to forget for something more flashy and exciting (oh, why hello there new bronzer palette).

#1 reason I didn't bother for the longest time? In Singapore, sunscreen feels so heavy and sticky AND I have to reapply it every 3-5 hours? No thank you,  I'll just stick to cute hats. But this behavior changed a few years ago because:

  1. I really didn't look that cute in hats.
  2. As I aged, my cute-in-my-early 20s freckles across my cheeks had evolved into distinctive sunspots, ala my 93-year old grandma. No diss on my grandma but I am NOT going for the 93-year old chic look (yet).

Hence, my year long journey to find the holy grail of sunscreen:

  1. Light and not-itch-inducing on sensitive skin
  2. Works effectively
  3. Can be bought in Singapore easily

As for point #2, it's easier said than done. Reams of consumer reports have come out over the years that a lot of the sunscreens on the market actually aren't that effective for sun protection and a large amount of them contained worrisome ingredients like oxybenzone (which is a hormone disrupter, ew). Check out reports from actual authorities).

But never fear: I have done the trail-and-error research and I present to you my top two and honorary mention third option for best SPF facial creams:

 EltaMD Facial Sunscreen SPF 46; S$46

This is my gold-standard daily facial SPF and I'm not alone in that assessment:  It's got almost 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon.  Its consistency feels more like a facial moisturizer and formulated for those with skin sensitivities (like acne and rosacea).  It's also a great make-up primer.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios line of facial sunscreen; S$25-60 depending on size

This French drugstore staple consistently tops tons of lists as the best facial sunscreen out there.  I find the formula a little more 'sunscreen'-like but I reach for the water-proof version whenever I'm headed to the beach or need something to stand against some major sweating.

 Glossier Invisible Shield; S$58.40

Full disclosure:  I haven't used this yet but can't wait to try.  Since this dropped late this spring, those-in-the-know have been raving about how this sunscreen gel (Yes, gel!  Perfect for cooling our faces in steamy Singers) is a game changer.  Someone try this out and let me know what you think:

Have other brands you love that can survive our daily sweat-fest!  Share please!

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