Don’t Pop That Pimple! There is a Better Way to Stop Acne

If you love skin success stories, you’ve stumbled upon gold today. It may be tempting to squeeze out a large pimple but doing so will likely make the situation worse, dermatologists say. Think of a pimple as a shaft keeping the bacteria contained inside a pore as the body fights off infection. “Popping anything causes […]

How 10 Women Around the World Finally Get Clear Skin

Acne, the 8th most prevalent disease in the world, affects over 650 million people worldwide¹. Anyone who’s suffered from acne knows how painful or stressful it can be. Due to lack of education and lack of effective products, acne is often left untreated, leading to atrophic scarring which is much harder to fix later in […]

Clear, Glowing, Acne-Free Skin is Just Two Ingredients Away

Combine ingredients in order to stop persistent acne. Acne sufferers often say, “I have tried EVERYTHING” and have spent years trying one remedy after another. But despite their efforts, acne never goes away. They have tried many different acne treatments only to be misled by false hope … Over 90% of the acne treatments use […]

Reducing Oil Production

If you are having issues with oil control on acne prone skin, here are five steps to take in order to reduce oil production: Step 1: Break the Oil Production Cycle Your skin operates on a biofeedback loop whereby oil is produced only when it is necessary. When you have clogged pores, oil is trapped […]

9 Things to Try When Acne Won’t Clear, According to Dermatologists

Tried just about every acne treatment to get rid of acne but to no avail? Don’t despair. To see clearer skin, you probably just need some changes with consistency. The following tips from dermatologists can help you get started. 1. Remind me, what causes acne? At the root of all acne is a clogged pore. […]