Why Do I Get More Pimples When I'm on My Period?

Ladies, most of us can agree our monthly visit from Aunt Flo isn’t fun.

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From mood swings and back pain to cravings and cramps, it brings with it all sorts of unwanted side effects. You may have even noticed acne worsening around that time of the month. Or if your skin is already clear, you might find yourself waking up to new spots, especially on the lower half of the face - cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck.

Are you imagining it or is period acne an actual thing that happens?

Let’s set the record straight: it's not your imagination!

In fact, menstrual acne is pretty common. 65% of the adult women surveyed in a study reported that their acne symptoms were worse with their menses1.

Why Does Period Acne Happen?

One word. Hormones.

Yup, it all comes down to your hormones.

As you might be aware (because we talk about it so often), at the root of all acne is clogged pores.

Throughout your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels rise and fall. This fluctuation of hormones - namely estrogen and progesterone (the two main female sex hormones), as well as androgens (male sex hormones) - leads to the overproduction of sebum.

When excess sebum mixes with dead skin cells, we have the perfect recipe for clogged pores. Throw in a dollop of bacteria, and we get the infamous, inflamed red spots that pop up before and during our periods.

What Can I Do About Period Acne?

For starters, do not try to pop the pimples. It'll only lead to more discomfort and may even cause scarring. Continue with your usual skincare routine and have trust in the process.

We recommend applying Clear Out every night, or every alternate night if you already have clear skin. With medical-grade retinol and azelaic acid, it will perpetually flush out clogged pores and make skin less acne-prone.

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Be it red, inflamed pimples or stubborn blackheads, all acne starts with clogged pores. Clear Out goes in deep to continuously flush out these clogs before they turn into acne. This means skin stays clear for good.

When you do start to feel a pimple coming on, act fast and dab on Stop Spot* throughout the day to target and treat the spot before it surfaces.

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Treat emerging and existing acne with one powerful gel! Stop Spot tamps down red, inflamed acne and hits the brakes on pimples brewing under the skin, stopping them from ever surfacing.

You may also want to try regulating your blood sugar levels by eating less high-GI foods. That means less sugar, white bread, and other processed foods.

Most of all, understand that period acne is completely normal. Get plenty of rest, stress less, and take extra good care of yourself!

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  1. Lauren Geller, MD et al., 2014: Perimenstrual Flare of Adult Acne

*Stop Spot is known as Calm Down outside the US. While the names are different, the formulation is exactly the same.

Calm Down is only available as an add-on product. Shop it here with your Clearly favorites.

Disclaimer: This article should not be interpreted as personal medical advice. For medical-related matters, please consult your dermatologist.

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