Don't Skimp on Sunblock

80-90% of aging is caused by exposure to UV and most of that damage is already accumulated by the time you hit your 30’s. UV exposure not only darkens acne marks, but it also degrades the collagen surrounding your pores making them more visible. Apply sunblock every day when going outdoors … the amount of sunblock which you need may be surprising!

What is the Best Sunblock?

Forget the opinions of others; the best sunblock for you would be one that you use everyday. If you do not enjoy using your sunblock everyday, it is time to change sunblock.

SPF vs PA Rating Systems

SPF only measures the ability to block the UV-B rays which cause sun burns. However, it does not provide any measurement for UV-A rays … the rays which destroy collagen. Look for sunscreens that have SPF 35 or greater and at least a PA+++ rating.


To get the SPF or PA protection as advertised, you need at least ¼ teaspoon of sunblock for your face. This means that you should consume a 50ml tube of facial sunblock every two months in order to have adequate protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

Why SPF in Makeup Doesn’t Work

On average, you use a little less than 0.04g of foundation per day but in order to get the rated SPF50 on the package of your foundation, you need to use at least 7x the amount of foundation that you normally use!

Your foundation that is labeled SPF50, is only giving you SPF5.

No, that is not a typo … you are getting SPF 5 in your foundation unless you use an absurd amount of makeup. The math simply does not work out to the levels you need everyday (SPF35+) Use a 1/4 teaspoon of sunblock for your face and another 3/8 teaspoon for your neck. Give 8 minutes for your sunblock to dry before applying makeup.

Don’t Forget Your Neck!

The skin on your body is thinnest around your neck and chest … it is the area where most people first show signs of aging. You should be using the same amount of sunblock for your face as you do for your décolletage.

In order to break the habit of spreading leftover (inadequate amounts) sunblock from your face to your neck, leave on your counter a second brand/bottle of sunblock that you dedicate for your neck.

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