Ways to Reduce Sensitivity

For those who have had sensitivity or irritation when using skincare in the past, here are five tips on how to reduce these issues going forward. Get the Right Cleanser Although it seems basic, many people get a cleanser that is too strong for their skin and it weakens their lipid barrier. This forces your […]

A Fast and Effective Way to Get Rid of Pimples

Combine ingredients in order to flatten existing breakouts and reduce new acne at the same time Getting rid of existing pimples quickly without causing scarring often require different products and tools than stopping new breakouts from surfacing all together. Yet our pharmacists have found a way to simultaneously flatten existing pimples while making it difficult […]

Forget Masks and Scrubs: To Stop Pimples, You Need to Go Deeper

To scrub or not to scrub… these days, scrubs, pore strips, and especially clay masks are all the rage. It’s tempting to believe that these products can wear down or suck out the clogs in our pores. However, as fun as these products are, these measures alone are usually ineffective at clearing pores or reducing […]

The Different Types of Acne, Pt. 2

This is a longer post, but it is important for you to understand how acne forms as well as the various types of acne so that you know how to prevent it from forming in the future. Every pore is lined with skin that (over time) will die and shed off. Normally, these dead skin […]

Getting Cleansing Right

It is a common misconception that a face wash will do the majority of the work in stopping new breakouts. While cleansing is important, it only serves a basic function to remove pollutants and debris. Ingredients in a cleanser are washed quickly so they won’t do much as compared to a leave-on lotion. That said, […]

The Gold Standard

To stop acne on normal/oily skin, you need a lotion that can simultaneously flatten existing pimples while making future acne harder to form.  If you look at the playbook which dermatologists use to treat acne, retinoids are the dermatologist’s first choice for treatment followed by AZA. What is Retinol? Retinol (a gentler variant of retinoids) […]