Here’s Why You Might Get More Acne in Autumn

Welcoming the first day of October means we have well and truly made the move from summer to autumn. As we leave the sunny season behind, you might think breakouts are no longer a cause of concern as there’ll be less sweat and time spent outdoors. Thing is, autumn presents its own challenges for those […]

Has the Acne Cleared? Here Are 5 Things to Do Now.

You did it. You were consistent with your skin care plan, you trusted the process, and you stayed patient throughout your journey. Now, you’re seeing clear (or almost clear) skin and acne has become much easier to control. Yay! It almost feels like the end of a chapter, doesn’t it? So uh, what now? Can […]

You Ask, We Answer: Does Stress Really Cause Acne?

Final exams, wedding planning, a deadline looming – stress happens to everyone. As if dealing with the uncomfortable feelings of stress isn’t enough, many of us also find that our acne gets worse during such times. Is this just a myth or is there more to it? What Does the Science Say? While stress is […]

Acne in Men: What You Need to Know

Ah, acne. You may be all too familiar with it as your constant companion throughout high school. Perhaps you grew out of it as you entered adulthood – only to have it return now. Or perhaps it never left you. While in adult cases of acne, women are affected more frequently than men1, these red […]

Does Diet Really Affect Acne? We Look at the Evidence.

Have you ever been told to cut out chocolate or stop eating your favorite snacks because they ‘make acne worse’? The internet is full of articles on anti-acne diets that claim to improve your skin but are they anything more than myths?  For decades, the relationship between diet and acne has been debated. Even today, there is no consensus that changing your diet is a good way to manage acne.  That said, […]

Top 7 Summer Tips for Acne-prone Skin

It’s officially summer!  From seaside to poolside, it’s the season of sun-soaked fun and we can’t wait to spend more time outdoors!   While there’s much to love about the warmer weather, it could also mean more breakouts as our skin gets exposed to more sweat, heat, and humidity.  This means we need to give our skin extra TLC, especially if we have acne-prone skin.   Keep these top tips in mind to prevent breakouts and minimize sun damage for […]

Still Breaking Out After 3 Months of ‘Clear Out’? You Could Have Closed Comedones.

There’s a reason why we have a moneyback guarantee on Clear Out.   The retinol-powered lotion is seriously effective at clearing clogged pores and keeping breakouts at bay. In fact, 98% of our customers see improvements in their skin after just one bottle – that’s about three months of use. But what about those of us who fall in the 2%? If you see no difference despite […]

You Ask, We Answer: Why Is My Skin Stinging?

🎵 This girl is on fire 🎵 – but her skin should not be.   Stinging, burning, inflamed.  These are uncomfortable sensations we might have experienced more than once, especially when we have sensitive skin.  While a little tingle that lasts a few seconds is nothing to worry about, when it becomes a sharp sting that’s almost unbearable, it’s a sign something’s wrong.   Skincare should not be painful, […]

Better Together: Choosing Products That Complement Your Clearly Routine

From our gentle cleansers to our nourishing moisturizers, all products by Clearly Basics have been designed to work well with each other to effectively fight acne while being kind to sensitive skin.  As you can see, the Clearly routine is pretty simple, and on most days, you might find you don’t need much else.   Still, there are days when we’d like to dress up and go […]

Clash of the Actives: Be Careful When Mixing These Products with Retinol

Credit: Disney/Marvel Imagine making a smoothie and throwing all sorts of ingredients into the blender, from apples to ice cream and salmon. While these foods taste good on their own, when mixed together, it becomes a big cup of bleh.   Likewise, while skincare actives can be good for you on their own, when you layer on too many, you risk the products clashing. Sometimes, it causes irritation, and in other cases, the actives can cancel each other out. Now that would be a […]

5 Reasons to Moisturize Every Day This Summer – Even When You Have Oily, Acne-prone Skin

The days are getting warmer, which means summer’s inching closer! While we count down to sunshine, road trips, and indulging on a little too much ice cream, you might be wondering if it’s time to drop the moisturizer you’ve built into your skincare routine over the last few months.  As Spice Girls sang it: Stop right now, thank you very much.   For most of us, moisturizers are […]

The Easy Guide to Determining Your Skin Type (and the Best Routine for Your Skin)

Caring for your skin begins with knowing your skin.   Just as a medical check-up reveals what you should eat more of and what you should cut from your diet to maintain a healthy body, identifying your skin type will help you craft a skincare routine that works best for you.  We’ve all seen products labeled “for dry skin” or “suitable for sensitive skin” but what do these phrases really […]

You Ask, We Answer: Do We Get Acne from Our Parents?

Has anyone ever said you look like your mom or dad?   Back in school, we learned that much of who we are is shaped by our parents through a little something called genetics.   Our eyes, nose, and even some of our personality comes down to our genes.  If you’ve ever wondered if you inherited acne from your parents and what you can do about it, read […]

You Ask, We Answer: How Does Natural Skincare Fit Into My Routine?

Natural. Organic. Clean.   These are HUGE buzzwords when it comes to skincare.  But what do they really mean?   Is all-natural the future of skincare?  Truth is, while there are many natural ingredients that are great for skin, natural may not always be the way to go.  What to Know About Natural Skincare    #1 The “natural” label isn’t regulated. This means there’s no set standard […]

How It Started vs How It’s Going: The Clearly Story

Did you know Clearly Basics used to have a different name?   When we started four years ago in sunny Singapore, we were called ClearlyRx.   As the name hints, we began as a teledermatology platform offering subscribers custom-mixed formulations prescribed by dermatologists.   You see, visiting a derm in Singapore can be real expensive, and yet, acne is so common among teens and adults. ClearlyRx became a way for those with skin concerns to consult a dermatologist without the hefty price tag.    Soon, we were seeing real change in our community. Those with acne-prone skin […]

Clearing Up Red Acne Marks and Dark Spots Can Be Easier Than You Think

Put down the color correcting concealer. These are the most effective ingredients to fade the appearance of red marks and dark spots, according to experts. If you’ve gotten past a bout of acne, you may feel that the battle is won. However, getting rid of stubborn red and brown marks can be just as tough […]

Don’t Pop That Pimple! There is a Better Way to Stop Acne

If you love skin success stories, you’ve stumbled upon gold today. It may be tempting to squeeze out a large pimple but doing so will likely make the situation worse, dermatologists say. Dr. Pimple Popper, the viral pimple popping videos and hit TV show makes it look too easy. Think of a pimple as a […]

Clear, Glowing, Acne-Free Skin is Just Two Ingredients Away

Combine ingredients in order to stop persistent acne. Acne sufferers often say, “I have tried EVERYTHING” and have spent years trying one remedy after another. But despite their efforts, acne never goes away. They have tried many different acne treatments only to be misled by false hope … Over 90% of the acne treatments use […]

How 10 Women Around the World Finally Get Clear Skin

Acne, the 8th most prevalent disease in the world, affects over 650 million people worldwide¹. Anyone who’s suffered from acne knows how painful or stressful it can be. Due to lack of education and lack of effective acne treatment products for women, acne is often left untreated, leading to atrophic scarring which is much harder […]

9 Things to Try When Acne Won’t Clear, According to Dermatologists

Tried just about every acne treatment to get rid of acne but to no avail? Don’t despair. To see clearer skin, you probably just need some changes with consistency. The following tips from dermatologists can help you get started. 1. Remind me, what causes acne? At the root of all acne is a clogged pore. […]

A Fast and Effective Way to Get Rid of Pimples

Combine ingredients in order to flatten existing breakouts and reduce new acne at the same time Getting rid of existing pimples quickly without causing scarring often require different products and tools than stopping new breakouts from surfacing all together. Yet our pharmacists have found a way to simultaneously flatten existing pimples while making it difficult […]

Forget Masks and Scrubs: To Stop Pimples, You Need to Go Deeper

To scrub or not to scrub… these days, scrubs, pore strips, and especially clay masks are all the rage. It’s tempting to believe that these products can wear down or suck out the clogs in our pores. However, as fun as these products are, these measures alone are usually ineffective at clearing pores or reducing […]

For Acne-Prone Skin, It’s Time to Go on a Skincare Diet

Reduce the number of products you are using, if you have clogged pores or breakouts. It’s time to go back to the basics and focus on quality products effective at clearing clogs. In the pursuit of glowing skin, it can be exhilarating to purchase the latest potions and lotions to get the clear, glossy skin […]

Dealing With Scars

If you’ve gotten past a bout of acne, you may feel that the battle is won. However, pimples often leave unsightly red or brown marks that linger long after the pimple has flattened. Hyperpigmentation left behind by acne can be healed quickly and safely without expensive visits to the dermatologist. What Causes Acne Scars? Inflammation […]

Getting Cleansing Right

It is a common misconception that a face wash will do the majority of the work in stopping new breakouts. While cleansing is important, it only serves a basic function to remove pollutants and debris. Ingredients in a cleanser are washed quickly so they won’t do much as compared to a leave-on lotion. That said, […]

Reducing Oil Production

If you are having issues with oil control on acne prone skin, here are five steps to take in order to reduce oil production: Step 1: Break the Oil Production Cycle Your skin operates on a biofeedback loop whereby oil is produced only when it is necessary. When you have clogged pores, oil is trapped […]

Ingredients that Work Together

People often ask why Clearly Basics’s formulations are much more effective than products which contain similar active ingredients. This is because our pharmacists spend a lot of time balancing our formulations in order to maximize ingredient synergy. It allows us to drive better results using less concentration (thereby less irritation): Clear Out When we say […]

Putting it All Together

Timing is important when it comes to applying your skincare. Apply the formulation which you want to prioritize first, as your skin will most readily absorb this first formulation. Here is a general guide. However, change the order depending on what you want to prioritize: For a pdf overview on our product range, please download […]

Diet and Acne

The body is a complex system and it is difficult to isolate specific food groups as a trigger for acne.  However, there is a growing body of evidence that certain foods will lead to increased oil production.  Consider reducing these foods your diet to see if the make a difference.  Also consider adding spearmint tea […]

Why Do Breakouts Occur on Dry Skin?

If you have combination skin, it is common for you to get more breakouts on the dry parts of your face rather than the oily parts of your face. This is due to two factors: a weak lipid barrier and dead skin buildup. Your lipid barrier serves an important function to shield out pollutants and […]

Ways to Reduce Sensitivity

For those who have had sensitivity or irritation when using skincare in the past, here are five tips on how to reduce these issues going forward. Invest in a Good Moisturizer Weak lipid barriers and an accumulation of dead skin cells are one of the biggest triggers of acne. This is especially important if you […]

The Different Types of Acne, Pt. 2

This is a longer post, but it is important for you to understand how acne forms as well as the various types of acne so that you know how to prevent it from forming in the future. Every pore is lined with skin that (over time) will die and shed off. Normally, these dead skin […]

The Gold Standard

To stop acne on normal/oily skin, you need a lotion that can simultaneously flatten existing pimples while making future acne harder to form.  If you look at the playbook which dermatologists use to treat acne, retinoids are the dermatologist’s first choice for treatment followed by AZA. What is Retinol? Retinol (a gentler variant of retinoids) […]

Conditioning Your Skin

It is a common misconception that people with normal/oily skin do not need to moisturize. Often people believe that moisturizing will further clog their pores. However, if you choose the right type of moisturizer for your skin, it will reduce the load so that your skin doesn’t need to produce as much oil. Moisturizing to […]

Consistency and Patience are Key

Over the past week, you’ve seen our formulations do some amazing work to transform skin under #ClearlyResults. Now that you know what tools are effective in getting rid of the clogs, you simply need to have patience and commitment in order to get all of the clogs out of your skin. A clog normally takes […]

Don’t Skimp on Sunblock

80-90% of aging is caused by exposure to UV and most of that damage is already accumulated by the time you hit your 30’s.  UV exposure not only darkens acne marks, but it also degrades the collagen surrounding your pores making them more visible.  Apply sunblock every day when going outdoors … the amount of […]

Best Acne Treatment? Retinol Is The Gold Standard — Here’s Why

If you love great skin success stories, you’ve stumbled upon gold today. Acne sufferers often say, “I have tried EVERYTHING!” The frustration is very real. In addition to receiving unsolicited advice and misinformation, they have probably spent thousands of dollars and years trying one treatment or remedy after another. But despite all of that, their […]

Acne FAQ: Dermatologist’s View on Acne and Clogged Pores

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding how to treat acne so we wanted to debunk and give you honest advice here: Q: Do I need to see a dermatologist or aesthetician? A: Over 95% of the people who have acne can treat using non-prescription products without paying big bucks to see a […]

3 Acne Food Myths You Should Stop Believing

Our users often ask if their diet affects acne and the answer is YES.  What you eat can increase or decrease sebum production.  However, it isn’t what you’d expect … so let’s first start off by debunking some long-held, myths spread by our well-meaning grandmas: Eating oily foods does not cause more oily skin: There […]

Acne in the Tropics: How to Deal with Breakouts

When we first started Clearly, we had focused on reaching out to teens since the incidence of acne normally drops off after the age of 19. But to our surprise, adults in their 20’s and 30’s were signing up for subscriptions alongside teens… why? While we know that incidence rate of acne remains high even […]

What’s Natural in Your Acne Fixes

Wanna know what the most overused word is in the skin care industry? Natural. Our subscribers often ask if we offer a natural remedy for acne. This is a loaded question as the definition of “natural” is not regulated and often abused. Let’s break it down here: The adjective “natural” means existing in or derived […]

The Underdog MVP in Our Beauty Arsenal

The beauty trend that’s more dependable than your LBD. Quick: name the #1 skincare thing you reach for everyday to look gorgeous. What are the chances you named your sunscreen? ……….Yeah, you’re not alone.  Sunscreen is the calcium tablet in our morning routine, aka: something we all should be taking but always seem to forget […]

Coco for Coconuts?

It may be a cocoNO if you have acne-prone skin.  Coconut oil is to our skin what kale has been to our salads lately…the super trendy cure-all for what ails us. And it’s completely understandable, coconut is awesome AND heaps better smelling than kale.  But for those of us who have more sensitive skin, we […]

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