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Can These Two Ingredients Get Rid of Adult Acne? Dermatologists Say Yes!

Here, we uncover the reasons why acne is so common and reveal the most effective way to get rid of them.

It’s time to clear the confusion about acne – once and for all. 
“Stop eating pizza.”
“Try this scrub!” 
“Just use this mask every night.” 
There’s a TON of ‘advice’ out there on how to get rid of acne. 

Sometimes, it feels like we’ve tried them all. But, how many of them really work? 
And when they don’t work, what happens? 

Many are left feeling even more lost! 

The truth is, clearing adult acne can be real simple – just the way it should be.

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What’s Causing Acne?  

Acne. Is. Prevalent.  

That means we’re not alone in this.  

A 2016 study1 from the University of Colorado found that, between 1990 and 2010, acne rates increased 11% among U.S. teens.  

And now more than ever, acne in adults is becoming more common2 — especially among women. 

Could it be changes in our diet? Is it our hormones? 

Or, is it the many, many products we’re slapping on our faces with fingers crossed hoping one of them works? 

Here’s the thing: 

As Professor of Dermatology Dr. Adam Friedman says, it’s possible that acne treatments are to blame3. They could be unbalancing the skin’s bacteria populations (the skin microbiome) in ways that promote pimples and breakouts.  

Shocking, right?! 

What’s supposed to help can in fact be making our acne worse! 

“It’s only during the last 50 years that people started using all these acne products — antibacterials, but also benzoyl peroxide creams and salicylic acid, to name just a few — and now we’re seeing massive numbers of adults with acne.” – Dr. Adam Friedman

Take It from Gemma

Like many of us, Gemma was suffering from clogged pores (which is the root cause of acne). 

She had been battling acne since she was 16, trying everything in the book. 

That’s almost a decade of trying to find something that really works

Source: Instagram (@myskinjournal_)

She had spent thousands of dollars on masks, scrubs, washes, creams, and even pills which claimed to be effective at stopping acne. 

When they failed to meet their claims, people would tell her, “Oh, you have hormonal acne. It cannot be controlled.”  

Now that’s devastating to hear, isn’t it? 

This made Gemma lose all hope.  
That is, until she found a solution that her skin agreed with!

“I had been to the doctors several times and was given oral meds and prescription topical creams but my skin wasn’t getting any better. Then, I took matters into my own hands. I used the Internet to look up acne hacks and expensive treatments, creams, lotions – anything that was out there, I was buying it. I even tried going vegan. This still did not clear my skin!” – Gemma W.

Pop Quiz: Can These Get Rid of Acne? 

1. A Healthier Diet 

Ever been told to “drink more water” or “stop eating carbs” to help with acne?

While there is some evidence that specific dietary changes may help reduce the risk of acne, the truth is that there is still NO SOLID LINK between acne and diet4.  

NONE of the studies have established a clear cause and effect – just an association. So far, what we know is that a pro-inflammatory and processed diet is associated with more acne.

“Diet myths resulted in many people cutting out foods from their diet, and in resultant disordered eating patterns5. I have seen patients refuse to eat cake on their birthday, decline dinner with friends, and develop health anxiety around food, for fear of triggering acne. There are inherently no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. Diet is more about eating in a sustained, healthy manner across the course of one’s lifetime. Moderation is key.” – Dr Anjali Mahto


2. Scrubs, Masks, Facials, and Peels 

Whether it’s a fancy facial or a DIY mask, these treatments may feel good in the moment. 

But, they DON’T stay on our skin long enough to make a difference6. Some of the ingredients used may even cause more irritation and breakouts! 

3. Acne Spot Treatments 

Once a pimple has surfaced, there is little that we can do to stop it since the body needs to send blood into the area to fight off bacterial infection. This means more often than not, spot treatments are not effective. 

In fact, over 90% of acne spot treatments use ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide, which does not have the strength to stop adult acne. 

So, What Is the Most Effective Way to Beat Acne?  

Let’s take it from the dermatologist’s playbook.


The top two ingredients which derms use to fight acne are retinoids7 and AZA. 

Why These Two? 

Retinoids are the gold standard in promoting skin renewal, reducing blemishes, and stimulating your skin’s collagen production. 

AZA is very helpful in flattening existing pimples, diminishing the appearance of post-acne marks8, reducing skin sensitivity, and improving skin texture9

To be most effective in beating acne, we’ve combined these TWO ingredients into ONE bottle, Clear Out

You see, the key to getting rid of acne is to flush out the clogs trapped DEEP inside your pores to clear out what’s causing breakouts in the first place! 

And Clear Out was formulated with this in mind. 

Why Clear Out?

  • Powered by TWO active ingredients, instead of just one – retinol (a gentler variant of retinoid10) and AZA 
  • Retinol and AZA are formulated in the right percentages to give MAXIMUM effectiveness and MINIMUM irritation
  • Developed alongside pharmacists and dermatologists  
  • The result of years of intensive research to work out a synergistic formulation
  • The unique formulation cannot be found anywhere else
  • Uses pure, potent, medical-grade ingredients  
  • Gentle on sensitive skin 
    Over 50% of our users have sensitive or combination skin, and they have no issues using Clear Out 

@myskinjournal_ Individual results may vary

See Results or Get a FULL Refund

98% of people who use Clear Out see significant improvements. So if you don’t see a noticeable improvement after finishing your first bottle of Clear Out, get a full refund through Clearly’s 90-day money-back guarantee. No catch, we promise!

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Real People with REAL, Lasting Results

Toni (@xx.tonilumsden), a stylist from Hertfordshire spent over $6,500 in acne products and treatments that did nothing for her acne…

Then she discovered the Power Duo and it changed her life…

@xx.tonilumsden Individual results may vary

Never in my life did I imagine my skin would be this clear! Clearly Basics has completely transformed my skin!”

Alisha (@skinwithak) suffered from severe acne and went on oral medications 3 times before finding Clear Out:


@skinwithak Individual results may vary

All I can say is ‘Clear Out’ by @clearlybasics is a Godsend ❤️ It doesn’t leave me overly dry or flaky which most retinol creams did.” “I wish I came across Clearly Basics before starting oral medication as I would have purchased these and wouldn’t have had to put my body through so much!”

Although Deanna (@deannaskin) saw minor progress by going vegan and using natural products, she saw the most improvement using Clear Out. Occasionally, she may get a flare up, but with Clear Out, it goes away quickly.

@deannaskin Individual results may vary

“At the moment, my skin looks a lot clearer and fresher than usual and I’ve gained so much more confidence after using Clear Out.”

Or Ella (@_myskinstory), an aesthetician and a makeup artist who has not found anything like Clear Out to keep her breakouts under control.

Clear Out is my favorite and most recommended product to any of my followers who suffer with mild-acne as well as post-acne suffers. The combination of ingredients are unique and work THE BEST in keeping spots at bay as well as improving acne marks & scars.”

And many more reviews….


How is Clear Out any different from other retinol or AZA products?

Most products in the market contain only a SINGLE active ingredient so it does not use multiple pathways to address your skin concern.

Using multiple ingredients simultaneously is more EFFECTIVE, but getting the percentages correct in order to maximize synergy is difficult without precision machinery.

Every ingredient in Clear Out took years to balance in order to maximize synergy: ingredients work together to address your skin concerns with better results and less side effects.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use Clear Out?

Clear Out can work on its own for 95% of the population. The formulation is gentle yet powerful enough to tackle many cases that would otherwise require prescription medication.

For the 5% with very sensitive skin, add Protective Moisturizer. Using Clear Out with Protective Moisturizer will ensure that it works for even the most sensitive of skin. Protective Moisturizer contains a wealth of antioxidants and botanicals that nourish your skin and peptides that simulate your lipid barrier to regrow.

This moisturizer reduces your skin’s sensitivity and reduces general redness/blushing. It doesn’t clog your pores even on the most sensitive skin!

I have oily skin, what’s best for me?

Acne and larger pores are often attributed to oily skin.

As pores are clogged, oil may not reach its intended target leading to a vicious cycle of overproduction (clogged pores -> more oil production -> more clogged pores).

Thus we designed Matte Hydrator, to break the oil production cycle. It keeps your skin matte and supple so that your skin does not need to overproduce as much oil during the day!

Most skincare brands have one, perhaps two formulations that are really effective.

However, Clearly carries FIVE formulations that are UNIQUE and the BEST in its class: Clear Out, Lighten Up, Protective Moisturizer, Matte Hydrator and Dark Mark Defense.

What if it doesn’t work on my skin?

Clear Out is so EFFECTIVE that you will get a full 90-day money back guarantee if you do not see a noticeable improvement after your first bottle. T&Cs apply.

This moneyback guarantee has been on every bottle of Clear Out and we have seen over +98% success rate.

How long will it take to see results?

In the first month, this formulation will trigger a purge of dead skin trapped in your pores which can appear as flakes or low level breakouts.

This purge will peak at week 5 and subside after week 8 of use. At week 10, you will turn over a clearer layer of skin that is less clog prone. See below:

@xx.tonilumsden Individual results may vary

Directions for use?

Clear Out is only used in the evening as part of your night-time routine:

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser
  2. Apply toner (if applicable)
  3. Apply Clear Out (leave-in lotion)
  4. Apply moisturizer or other skincare that you normally use in the evening

Try Clear Out, Risk-FREE!

If you finish an entire bottle and don’t see any results…

You’re entitled to a full refund within 90 days! T&Cs apply.

Try it with CONFIDENCE!

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Nothing on this article should be interpreted as personal medical advice. For medical related matters, please consult with your dermatologist.

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